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One-time Coaching


Feeling lost, confused, misled, overwhelmed and utterly directionless about your Online Business and your journey as an ambitious, go-getter, action-taker, fire business owner?


fire hour

If you do not want to commit to a 6-month coaching program or do not need that level of support that comes with it just yet... but want an expert’s eyes on your business, I am your girl.

Our Goal

Help you solve one major roadblock in your online business that is stopping you from getting closer to your revenue goal so that you can claim the success you deserve.

Structure of the call

You make the payment to book your slot from my calendar.

You receive a “Discovery Form” from me which will help me understand your business in depth.

I do my homework.

We do our coaching call where I help you jump over the hurdle.

You get access to the call recordings and the resources relevant to the agenda of the consultation call. All of these come straight from my 1:1 coaching program and customized resources based on your needs.

You get an action plan for one month drawn from what we discussed on our call.

You get a 10-day email support to ask any questions that you may have once you start implementing.

Got more questions?

DM me “FIRE HOUR” on Instagram and drop those questions in.

I will help you make the right decision.

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