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Anagha Bhat

Ambitious woman tied down by family, bad friendships, expectations, commitments and responsibilities?

Time To Become Your Main Character


Don't need long-term coaching, but want help from me on a one-off coaching session?

Book your 60-minute one-on-one mindset coaching session now.

Factory Reset

99-day Group Coaching Program where I empower you to overcome your self-doubts, fears and limiting beliefs, transform your conditional love into unconditional self-love and take control of your lives by rewiring your subconscious minds through the power of words, visualization and action.

Here's How Can I Help You

Let's Collaborate?

I believe in the power of collaboration to make a difference.


Whether you're a brand looking to partner with me or a fellow creator or coach interested in joint ventures, I'm excited to explore opportunities that align with my mission.

Let's create something meaningful and transformative.

Reach out to me at with your idea and let's discuss further on that. I look forward to connecting with you!

Srishti Rathour

She patiently listens to my ramblings and asks the right questions that help me reach an aha moment by the end of the session. I love how Anagha doesn’t just prescribe a “solution” to my problem but instead encourages me to first truly grasp the cause of the issue and then, brainstorm possible ways to navigate the challenge.

Aparna Krishna

The session about boundaries changed the whole demographics of my relationships. With it, the childhood label of being a good girl was crushed and I let myself speak out in a polite way but against people. This gave me a real connection with myself. Thank you for being there as a coach and checking on me as a bestie.

Bhargavi Rekha

Initially I thought the call is going to be some advise kind of thing but the way you opened me up & listening to my words, capturing them, untangling my inner unexplained emotions into words is amazing. After coming to the call I feel a liitle bit confident about achieving the things that I want to do 💕

The fact that you made me work on myself is what I liked the most.

What My Clients Say ABout Me?

So yeah, Meet me!

I'm Anagha Bhat, a Certified Coach and NLP Practitioner.

I am a Civil Engineering graduate who did not want to be an engineer, so after six different jobs in two years, I was still searching for my dream career. Eventually, I found my passion in digital marketing and spent four incredible years as an organic social media marketer and marketing coach.

But life had more in store for me. I wasn’t happy with my life even though it looked fine from the outside. I was trying to please everyone in my life, did not have boundaries, felt used and disrespected, and was fighting for my basic rights. The search for inner peace and happiness led me to discover the transformative power of spirituality, self-love, meditation, and manifestation. These experiences were life-changing and helped me grow in ways I never imagined.

Listening to my inner voice, I made a bold decision to close my successful business and follow my true calling: becoming a Main Character Mindset Coach for ambitious women like you.


My goal?

To empower you to overcome your self-doubts, fears and limiting beliefs, set strong boundaries, prioritize yourself, and take control of your life. I want you to experience this unconditional self-love and deep inner peace.

Imagine where no one can put you down, treat you like trash, use your niceness, control your life and walk all over you.

And my big mission is to reach out to young girls, teach them the importance of self-prioritization and inspire them to choose the life of their dreams.

I am curious to know about you. Let's do a coffee chat?

Let's break free from...

Self-Doubt and Low Self-Confidence
Do you find it hard to believe in yourself and your abilities, and often feel uncertain and unworthy?

Limiting Beliefs and Fear of Failure
Are you held back by negative thoughts and a fear of not succeeding, which stops you from taking bold steps forward?

People-Pleasing and Lack of Boundaries
Do you find it hard to say no, constantly prioritizing others' needs over your own, and feeling unappreciated in the process?

Lack of Direction and Feeling Stuck
Are you unsure of what you truly want, feeling stuck and confused about your path in life?

Overwhelm and Procrastination
Do you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list, struggling with time management and often putting things off until the last minute?

Don't worry, sweetheart, you can help yourself overcome this "SUPPORTING ROLE" energy and be your own hero!

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